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Weekly Announcements 

Announcements March

OWCC Food Pantry is in need of volunteers to help with inventory, stocking, etc. Please see Elder Joseph Quarcoo or Deacon Brenda Blocker to sign up. 

OWCC is in need of a van driver to help with pick up for Sunday morning service. 

Prayer and Bible study: take place every Tuesday at 6:30PM via zoom login with 158 757 513 to join us for prayer and an awesome study of God’s Word.

* Strength of Sisterhood next meeting is Saturday, April 15th via zoom at 9:45am. 

 * Manhood Unleashed Manhood Unleashed will meet again Saturday, March 25th via zoom at 9:30am.  

Corporate Prayer :. We will resume Friday, March 24th at 7:30pm. 

*OWCC shelter ministry serves lunch and dinner at Street Light Homeless Shelter  the 4h Sunday of the month. PLEASE USE THE SIGN UP SHEET ON THE BACK TABLE OR SEE  CHAPLAIN FISHER.

*Pastor Mildred Ingram leads a bereavement support group the 4th Thursday of each month. Please see Pastor Mildred for more details. 

Reminder to bring your change for the OWCC scholarship fund. The collection container is in the back of the sanctuary. Please help us make a difference. 

  *To all who are using OWCC cash app, if you would like an end of the year statement for your giving please leave a note in the comment section with your address.

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