COVID-19 Community Response

Dear Church!

We are sending much love to you during this challenging season.

As you may be aware, the President recently announced more strict measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

A lot of that detail is available for your perusal.

Despite these new measures, we wanted to reassure you that our team is still working hard to bring you a worship experience this coming Sunday and for many to come!


Food Bank

At One Word Church we believe that Community is paramount, especially in times like these. That is why we are happy to announce that we are giving back to the community in the form of a Food Bank, but with your safety in mind we have decided to make every pick-up a safe place for you.

The food bank runs from 11am - 1pm every Thursday.

To book your time slot, drop us an email or call us:

Mental Health

Your Spiritual and Mental well-being is one of our top priorities here at One Word Church. With that in mind we would love to provide you with some uplifting resources to keep you in the best state of mind even when your surroundings are not the best.

Alternatively please call us if you want to speak to a member of the Pastoral Team.

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