Pastor J. L. Clements

Pastor J. L. Clements was born and raised in Central Florida. While stationed in the Philippines in 1985, he answered the call to ministry and began his journey of walking out what God has called him to do. Along with his wife, they have lived and pastored internationally (Republic of the Philippines, Germany & Bahrain) as well as nationally. As an anointed man of God, he operates in the office of Pastor and Teacher.

While living in Colorado, he and his wife were a vital part in hosting the first Marriage Seminar of their local church which brought fresh insight, renewal and enrichment to all who attended.

Pastor Clements moved his family to northern Virginia in 2006, where he began working with several IT firms. He and his wife also joined forces with The Life Church, a local ministry and immediately assumed leadership responsibilities. In 2013, he co-hosted the Annual Men Mentoring Men’s (M3) Conference with the theme of “Defining Your Legacy”. He has since been requested to speak at several workshops along with delivering teaching concepts and content on “What Constitutes Relevant Leadership”.

The birth of One Word Church began over a decade ago. Pastor Clements recalls he and another brother (Minster Ronando Moore) from the ministry they were attending had just left a bible study group and were headed home in inclement weather. Within a few miles and minutes of the leaving the church, they met a vehicle coming down the wrong side of the road headed straight for them. In the few seconds it took to avoid the collision all that was spoken was “one word” – Jesus! That incident and the power of “one word” has been a mainstay in Pastor Clements’ heart and mind.

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