Corporate Fast

Join us as we continue our 21 day Daniel's Fast. Fasting is a significant and powerful part of what we do and who we are as we walk out our Christian journey.

What happens when we fast:

1. We achieve self-denial. We deny the physical appetites of our body, to humble ourselves before God and to focus on Him.

2. We tame our flesh. Food and temptation date back to the Garden of Eden. Eve couldn't deny it, and you understand the subsequent consequences. So fasting is your opportunity to practice denying that voice of reason and opposition to the path that God has directed.

3. Fasting is training/preparation! If you sacrifice what you like/love/want, and instead launch extra prayers, you embolden your spirit. Fasting exercises your ability to control your mind, body, and actions. When your flesh encourages you to do something later, you've already built the muscle (memory) to resist your flesh, and deny the tempter.

Strategic Fasting Points

1. First and foremost – Keen Insight for direction as we continue in our purpose of developing and empowering believers
2. For our nation, leaders (spiritual, political and business) and community
3. Enlargement of territory (give us families to minister to, to serve and to develop spirit, soul and body)
4. Prosperity for the Body of Christ (here in Manassas and globally)
5. Health and healing (spiritually, physically, mentally and financially)
6. Our own physical location (One Word Church)

Finally, as we are fasting don’t forget to undergird yourself with the Word of God and prayer.
Also for those of you on medication, please proceed with wisdom. Consult your physician before proceeding.

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